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Google My Business Third-Party Policy: Know What to Expect from Pull FX

Pull FX closely follows Google My Business’s Third-Party Policy for agencies, written to protect Pull FX clients. Here’s what you can expect from us:

According to Google, a “Third party (3P)” is an authorized agency like Pull FX that manages business information on Google My Business for a business they don’t own. “End customers” / “clients” are businesses who enter into an agreement with us to manage their business information on Google My Business.


Our clients can expect that we act in a fair, honest and transparent manner and in accordance with Google My Business policies. In addition:

  • We ensure that you understand what Google My Business is and where Google My Business data is used.
  • We inform you about how we will manage your Google My Business listing.
  • When we set up a Google My Business listing, we ensure ownership rights of the GMB listing are immediately transferred to you. 

Transparency requirements

For businesses to fully realize the benefits of being found on Google, they need to have the right information to make informed decisions. Therefore, we are transparent with information that affects these decisions. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined below, we make every reasonable effort to provide you with other relevant information when requested.

Honoring ownership requests

We proactively inform our clients about their ownership and management options. Our clients determine whether we should have Co-Owner, Manager, or no access at all. We honor ownership requests from our clients within 7 days of the ownership request.

Termination of end customer relationship

We provide our clients with a quick and easy way to stop using our service to manage their Google My Business account(s). Within 7 business days of receiving notice from a client, we will provide you the ability to disassociate your Google My Business account from our services and regain exclusive control of your Google My Business account(s). 

Management fees

We charge a management fee for the valuable services we provide, and we ensure that you know that you are going to charged. In addition, we inform our clients in advance that Google My Business is a free service.


Business owners have the ability to respond to reviews of their business on Google. When we respond to reviews on your behalf, we will request authorization first. All of our responses to reviews follow Google’s Review Content Policies.


We provide our clients with accurate information about their Google My Business, including the ability to distinguish between Google My Business data and the data from other platforms. When we use reporting data from other listing management platforms, we will report the Google My Business data separately from the non-Google My Business data. We will not compare or share one customer’s Google My Business-specific data with your other customers.

Our clients have immediate access to their GMB performance reports because we ensure that you own your GMB listing, not us.


Our use of Google My Business does not create, suggest or imply a partnership with, sponsorship by, or endorsement by Google. We will not make any statement regarding our use of Google My Business that suggests these types of relationships without Google’s prior written approval.

Interfering with Google activities

Google may monitor and audit any Google My Business activity to ensure compliance with all applicable policies and terms. We will not, and do not, interfere with such monitoring or auditing and should not otherwise conceal our Google My Business activity from Google.

Claiming a business without consent

We will only claim and manage a business listing after we obtain your consent as required by applicable law (written consent or implying a form of positive action like checking a box in a form). We NEVER preemptively claim a listing to encourage, persuade or force a business to become a customer.

False, misleading, or unrealistic claims

We want our clients to make informed decisions about working with us, which means we are upfront and truthful when describing our company, our services, the costs associated with those services, and the results that you can expect.

Our clients can expect the same great service from us as they would get when working directly with Google. We do not use harassing, abusive, or untrustworthy tactics with potential or existing customers.


  • Excessive cold calling without respecting do-not-call lists
  • Putting undue pressure on a customer to sign up or stay with your agency
  • Threatening that clients will lose their listing if they don’t sign up with your agency
  • Keeping a listing hostage in exchange for money
  • Phishing

Account setup

We ensure the integrity and security of your account credentials. Here are some best practices regarding listings, account, and password management that we follow:

  • Once a listing has been created for a client, we make the business owner the owner of the listing, and designate ourselves as a manager of the listing.
  • If a client already has a Google My Business listing, we ask them to invite us as a manager, not as an owner.
  • We will never share your account information with other clients.