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Improve Google Ads Ranking with Pull FX Custom Landing Pages

Imagine your target audience clicked on a paid-search ad and was directed to something entirely different. It can be annoying and frustrating for them, which can increase your bounce rate. That’s why you should avoid creating one generic landing page for all of your services and products.

In addition to your ads, Google considers the landing pages that people see once they click on your ads. So the landing pages of your ads have an impact on your Google ad ranking. It’s important that you create unique landing pages for different products or services to increase relevance.

However, that’s easier said than done. You need to invest a lot of time into creating unique landing pages for each ad. 

There is one easy solution to this problem: Pull FX can build and host custom landing pages for you that look and feel like your business website.

Unique landing pages enhance the user experience and increase dwell time. As a result, your ad can gain a higher ranking and a higher Quality Score without investing too much money.