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SEO: Become a Community Resource to Build Authority for Your Local Business Website

Modern search engines use complex algorithms to find, read, and ascertain the topicality of web pages. 

They can then match those pages with search queries looking for the information they contain.

In other words, search engines are trying to find the most authoritative (and relevant) sources to match the query.

For some local businesses, like real estate agencies, creating content that helps speak to the area they are serving is a great way to help build authority for the business’ website.

When people visit these types of sites, it can be incredibly helpful to have more location-specific information.

That’s not a strategy that all local businesses should try to implement on their site, though.

I know I’m not really looking on my local plumber’s website for dog-friendly restaurant ideas when I’m planning my weekend.

When creating local resource content, it is important to keep intent and relevance in mind, so the content doesn’t become just pointless filler on your site.