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Can Anyone Make Changes to My Google My Business Listing, Even My Competition?

It hardly seems fair, but the fact is that anyone, even your competition, can suggest edits to your Google My Business listing. 

Worse yet, these surreptitious changes can be made live on your listing without any notification to the business owner. And that includes changes to a business’s physical location. 

That’s why it is our practice to log into your Google My Business dashboard daily as part of our Google My Business curation service. 

To review recent changes to your listing, open the Google My Business dashboard, and click on “Google Updates.” This is where you will find a box that allows you to review updates that were published or suggested. 

It is not uncommon to find changes by Google based on new information they found about your business from another directory, Google Maps, or a trusted Google user. 

Google is supposed to notify the business owner, but don’t count on it. So it’s best to log in to Google My Business frequently to check your listing to ensure that all of your information is correct and accurate.