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Feed the Beast: Google-Owned Properties Dominate Search Engine Results Pages

There is no question that a typical query on Google Search today is more likely to display Google products than it does organic page results. 

From paid listings, Local 3-packs, and Knowledge Panels, to review URLs and news and image carousels, more and more of the information users see in search results resides on Google servers. 

For local businesses, it is clear that webmasters need to rely more on Google platforms and less on their company sites. As we like to say, “Don’t fight the beast, feed the beast.” 

We start with optimizing our client’s Knowledge Graph, which has become a new source of information for SEO, and is pre-indexed for Google’s algorithm. 

And that begins with claiming our clients’ Google My Business listing. Google My Business continues to improve, allowing for richer content beyond photos and basic listing information. 

New features include: * Google Posts * Google Q&A * Google Messaging * Google Bookings These new features add greater functionality, but also take more time to manage to get the best results.